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Touch & Leverage


Set yourself apart from the crowd by having "the touch" with less burn out.

11am Saturday, March 25th 2023
or 1pm Sunday, April 2nd 2023
  • $79 for 3 hrs of hands-on coaching
  • Onsite Course in Plymouth, MI
Everything provided

Touch & Leverage Class

Saturday March 25th & Sunday, April 2nd 2023

  • Who:  MTs with less than 5 years/1000 bodies under their hands.

  • What:  Refine your touch.  Flow in and out of light, broad, specific, friction, poke-ey, and deep with CONFIDENCE.  Flow through an ENTIRE session with minimal time during which your hands are not on your client.

  • Gain client TRUST.  Make anyone feel taken care of on your table.

  • Master different definitions of "deep tissue"

  • Work deep, with the nervous system.

  • Work deep without getting tired.

  • Work deep without hurting your body.

  • Increase career longevity.

  • Make change in your clients without working deep 24/7

Psoas & Iliacus, Therapeutically

Saturday May 6th 11am  &  Sunday May 21st 11am

  • Who: Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists.

  • What:  Detailed, hands on work of Psoas and Iliacus.  Why to work them, which one to work, what order and in which manner.

  • Learn what part Psoas and Iliacus play in pain referral.

  • Anatomy and musscle fiber directions.

  • Separation of the "hip flexors" and their actions.

  • Several modalities of treatment.

  • Contraindications

  • How to know which one(s) to work and why.

  • How to activate the hip flexors.

  • Be one of few therapists who can physically, DIRECTLY affect Psoas and iliacus and not pass off the actual releases with fascial, or visceral work.


These classes have yet to be assigned CEUs.  CEUs will be granted to you once courses have been taught enough.  NCBTMB accreditation in process.
You will be asked to submit a review of the course.  Please contact me with questions here.
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Presented by Corrine Foster, LMT
15 years in Massage & Bodywork

Corrine has 15 years experience and is now specializing in Therapeutic and Sports Massage.  Her clientele includes the general public as well as youth and professional athletes.  She sees clients combating the symptoms of spinal cord injuries, sports injuries and chronic pain from imbalance and repetitive strain.

Corrine combines many modalities from massage, active release and movement to provide LASTING change.

Touch & Leverage is recommended for the new(er) therapist
who wants to set themselves apart.

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